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Visiting Ifrane - A Moroccan Alpine Village - Agadir Holiday

The little town of Ifrane with the meaning of Hideout or cave, is an urban commune of Morocco, counting  around 30 000 inhabitants and located in the Middle Atlas, at 1713 meters above sea level.

The Ifrane region constitutes a geographical area rich in wildlife and flora biodiversity, but its SIBs (Sites of biological and ecological interest) and its national park are under heavy pressure due to forest degradation, overgrazing and visitors unsophisticated as potential polluters.

On your visit to Ifran we would like to recommend some intersting local and toursitic sites to visit.

Ras el Ma

The charming cottage of Ras Al Ma, is part of a tourist home in the Middle Atlas, perched on a hill and overlooking the basins of the national center of fish farming, RAS AL MA is located in the heart of Ifrane National Park 1600m above sea level.

Source vittel

Source Vittel is located 3 km from Ifrane, an ideal place for relaxation and picnics with families or friends, follow the river for a few hundred meters and discover the forest of maples and poplars that flow the waters of the source, in summer, small horseback rides are proposed to reach the waterfalls.

Aguelmame Ifrane

For holidaymakers and sportsmen who are fans of river fishing, the lake Aguelmame Sidi Ali is undoubtedly a privileged site to practice their leisure. This beautiful lake of lunar appearance is located in the heart of the Middle Atlas - less than 2 hours from the imperial city of Fez, once you're there, you'll be seduced by the pristine natural landscape that surrounds the lake - made up of centuries-old and gigantic cedar and juniper forests and panoramic sweeping shepherds with a rich birdlife of native and migratory birds, as well as other animal species, Lake Aguelmame Sidi Ali is in the middle of a volcanic plateau at an altitude of about 2050 m and formed in extinct craters.


One of the main ski resorts in Morocco, Michlifen is a very exotic step, this small resort can be an interesting stop on a trip to northern Morocco during which you visit the cities of Fez and Meknes, located about 1 hour drive from Ifrane (nicknamed "Little Moroccan Switzerland"), Michlifen will allow you to ski in the middle of cedar forests.

The resort of Michlifen is generally snowy from December to the end of March, and you will be able to ski on the few 5 tracks located between 1800 and 2000m of altitude.