Filming of Games of thrones in Morocco

Filming of Games of thrones in Morocco

Blog Filming of Games of thrones in Morocco

Popular movie sites have attracted many visitors from all over the world , be it Hogwarts from Harry potter or  Subterranean Pool from 127 Hours , it is always an excitment to be on the spot of your favorite movie.

Game of thrones is known to have filmed its best scenes in different parts of the world such as malte , island and recently filmed its season 7 in the lands of Morocco.

We got listed some of the sites where the filming was made, you can now plan your next trip with your friends or family to visit  the real destinations where  scenes of incest, looting and killings have been filmed.

1-Essaouira or Astapor

The filming team of Game of Thrones came to the lands of Morocco so as to film the third season of the Tv drama .

In the second episode we can clearly see the walls of Essaouira's city which is considered as the Astpor city where Daenerys Targaryen is buying the slave soldiers.

The town has an amazing medina , registered as an international heritage of the UNESCO.


2-Ait Benhaddou as Yunkai

After freeing the people of Astapor for slavery , Daenerys headed toward the town of Yunkai . During this time , the footage has been filmed in the area of Ait ben Haddou in the Kasbah which is too registered as the heritage of the Unesco.

3- Ouarzazate as Pentos

Footage of Morocco appear on the screen from the first episode of GTO , in fact ,  the scene where the character of Daenerys show up for the first time was filmed in the city of Ouarzazate south of Morocco , the scene represented the free site of Pentos . Sadly that was the only scene filmed in Ouarzazate since the other scenes were afterwards filmed in Croatia .