Sunday Market (Souk lhad)

Sunday Market (Souk lhad)

Blog Sunday Market (Souk lhad)

Souk El Had of Agadir

As its name indicates "Souk El Had" which designates "The maché of Sunday" is a weekly rendezvous to all Gadiris, it is the largest Souk in Morocco with a commercial transaction very important for the economy of the city, there are about 6000 small shops of all specialties, clothing, high-tech, vegetables, passing by fish, poultry and even live reptiles, there are also good restaurants usually specializing in Moroccan cuisine.

Lately the Souk has been arranged and reorganized into several branches: Groceries, vegetables, clothing and the sector prefer tourists, the craft sector, prices are not fixed, so bring out your commercial side and haggle prices. The Souk is open every day from 8am to around 9pm, except Monday is the weekend of traders.

The Souk is located in the center of the industrial district of the city, 10 minutes walk from the tourist area, with 10 numbered entries, each leads to a specific product theme, if you like the shortcuts, here is one, Moroccan handicrafts and jewels, are at the entrance to the 9 and 10 doors at the north side of the souk.

Make sure to fill your wallet with cash, because, first, the Souk does not have any ATMs and most traders do not accept credit cards, second, it's almost impossible that you have gone without buying anything.