The ultimate guide to Taghazout

The ultimate guide to Taghazout

Blog The ultimate guide to Taghazout

Taghazout or more known as the Surfing hot spot , has attracted over the years people from all over the globe, to surf it's waves and experience the serenity of this small town .Due to it's proximty to Agadir and its popularity as a surfing destination, the area is being further developed to promote foreign tourism.

In this post i arranged the best places where to go eat , sleep and do some fun Activities .

SunDesk : Co-living and Co-working space

If you are a Digital Nomad or simply someone looking for a quiet place where to get some work done , then Sun Desk is the place to go !

you can work remotely and keep your productivity levels high, all while exploring beautiful Morocco. The SunDesk coworking space is on the second and third floor of the building, and offers amazing ocean view from all desks.​ The office can host a maximum of 14 coworkers while the main indoor coworking area is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables of different heights, and an adjustable standing desk. It is directly connected to an outdoor coworking area which has cosy couches and laptop desks. Both areas have consistent high-speed internet.

The place offers :

  • -2*100/10 Mbps Internet connections

  • -24/7 office access

  • -Scanning, faxing & budget printing

  • -Private Skype room

  • -Panoramic ocean view terrace

Where to Eat in Taghazout ?

There are alot of cheap and tasty restaurants and Fast food in taghazout !

1- Le Spot : One of my ultimate favorite ! They have the best Burgers /Pasta and pizza that you can have in whole Taghazout , whats even more better is that both your tummy and pocket will be happy due to the low prices.

2- Surf Berber : If you want to try amazing tagines , make sure to visit the Surf beber , the vue is breath taking !

What to DO in Taghazout ?

Want to go for a run on the beach, catch some waves or walk uphill through the argan trees? Taghazout is the place for you.

Surf : Most people come to Taghazout for the surf, which they should! it is a bonafide surf village after all. Just don’t forget to check out the wonders and adventures this small corner of Morocco has to offer. A must are the Tuesday night beach party, Taghazout’s own personal paradise, and the traditional bath spa.

Yoga : Taghazout has alot of surfing as well as Yoga , which you can do for 10 euros a session !