Most Tasty Street Food in Morocco

Most Tasty Street Food in Morocco

Blog Most Tasty Street Food in Morocco

Morocco has an intricate history, since it witnessed different ethnic groups living in its lands the over centuries, gave rise to a rich and mixed human heritage. The Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the richest  Cuisine in the world. There are many dishes that are known to the world such as Couscous, tajines, pastilla, mechoui, soups, spices, olives, salads, teas, pastries .... Due to the diversity of the country, its food is influenced by Arabic cuisine , the Berber cuisine for couscous more particularly, the Moorish cuisine for stews, tajines and the sweet and savory mix, sub-Saharan African cuisine, Jewish or from South Asia, as well as all the cuisines of the Arab-Muslim world.

We have listed  some of the most commun dishes eaten by both Moroccans and foreigners. If you have never tried these dishes, some of them on this list are really worth trying, even if it's once in a lifetime !


What most people don't know is that tagine is not the name of the actual dish but the dishware in which we cook the food. It is an emblematic dish of Morocco, tajine holds a special place in the cuisine of this country. There are over 300 tajine recipes, some of them are sweet or salty , preparation  includes meats, fish or vegetables ..Spices are the essential touch to give tajine flavor. The tajine uses as a terracotta bakeware still widely used in the cities of southern Morocco, such as Marrakech and Agadir. But today, for pragmatic reasons, the cooked preparation is prepared rather in casserole. The Berber tajine as well as the tajines of the Imperial cities (Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes) are particularly famous.

2-Kebab ( Chwa )

It is one of the many street food that alof of hungry mouths go for during the evening , you can choose from meat , chicken and lamb skewers depending on your taste. There are also sausages and ground meat balls that you can have with sides dishes

3-Snail Soup ( Babbouch)

A bowl  of snail soup will cost you 10Dh and if you don't fancy the snails you can have the soup for 2 Dh.It is flavored with a concoction of around 15 different spices, Moroccans believe the broth is good for digestion and fever, so some drink it without snails.

4-Harira ( Moroccan Soup )

Harira is a moroccan staple food that you can have for 3 Dh at the Square of Jamee el Fena in Marrakech and for an average price of 10 Dh in local stores and restaurants .This soup is served all year around but mostly prepared in the season of Ramadan ( the holy month ) where each family breaks its fast with a bowl of soup. Its considered healthy and nutrious due to the ingredients its made of , it is an authentic Moroccan soup made of tomato, lentils, and chickpeas, but also includes meat.