Day Excursion to Massa National Park

Day Excursion to Massa National Park

Agadir , National Park Massa

Embark on a day trip through Agadir's countryside. Begin at Massa National Park to encounter local wildlife. Venture off-road along the untamed Sidi Rbat beach, passing Berber villages, exploring the city of Massa, visiting a fisherman's cave, and taking in the breathtaking views of the Anti Atlas Mountains.

Explore Massa National Park to observe Gazelles, Addax, Oryx, and Ostriches up close. Revel in the stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean from the majestic beach of Sidi Rbat.

Discover the Fisherman’s cave and witness the Sous River, which is the exclusive Moroccan breeding site for diverse bird species like the glossy Ibis, marbled ducks, and many more. Immerse yourself in the Berber lifestyle while navigating the city of Massa.

Arrive at Rasmouka, known for its banana oasis, and catch sight of the small dunes of Massa. Delight in a homemade lunch comprising Tajine, couscous, and mint tea. Get a glimpse of the Yusuf Ibnu Tachafin water dam, offering panoramic views of the dam and the Anti Atlas Mountains.

Experience the art of Moroccan pottery creation and peruse the showroom, providing an opportunity to acquire a memento from your thrilling safari. Return to your hotel enriched with newfound knowledge and memorable experiences.

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